Wondering How To Make Your Buy Android App Ratings Rock? Read This!

Regards, NotGonnaTellYou12345 I’m rating this a four because I’m sure this app is great, but I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or there’s something wrong with the chrome, because I just got the app buy play store reviews, I went into the app, agreed to the terms and policies and then the next page said to chose your account so I logged into my account and pressed the button saying, “this is me” or something like that and then it just kept on loading I tried multiple times but it just won’t work… Help please!?! I don’t know much about banking and my accounts with BofA are pretty standard so this review is just the app from an average Joe’s perspective. I think the app is really nice and easy to use and I’ve been able to intuitively figure out everything I need from it. I love how easy it is to lock and unlock your card if you misplace it and overall the app seems pretty user-friendly from what I can tell. Again, I have zero banking knowledge and I’ve been able to use the app for everything I need so I guess that means it’s achieving its purpose. I’ve had some terrible experiences with BofA in the past, but this app seems to be something they got right. Just wanna make clear I’m not a bot because some of these reviews act like this banking app is singlehandedly solving global poverty and ending wars. It’s not doing that, and BofA isn’t a god, but the app is pretty good.

I happen to get one of your customer service reps on the phone earlier today! Her name is Shelly#21677100.i have to you that of the people I have spoken to in your organization, sh tops them all! She is courteous ,empathetic and efficient which, today, is a rare combination! I want to tell her supervisor Maria that this girl deserves a raise! She should be a supervisor in my opinion! I have had. Difficult time with my dispute problem! Boa owes me $912-22 of my hard earned money! She is trying to expedite me getting my money back faster! I really hope she was successful! Time will tell! I have to tell you she is tops! Hope you realize the jewel you have! And I hope I receive my money soon back into my account! Thank you! Theresa Flannery! Dumont , New Jersey purchase app installs

I’m so glad I decided to start using online banking with BoA. It’s so easy. I can make transfers when and to whomever I want to pay someone. I can make transfers to my Savings if I have extra funds. It’s much easier than I thought it would be. If I need help, it easy to get the help I need w/ a chat w/ personnel or a phone call with a live person. I appreciate the the time and effort I’ve been given since I’ve started using this online system. I make a lot less trip to the bank so no waiting in line. I’m saving time and money. Thank you for this excellent service.

BofA has made their great services available 24/7 in this mobile app buy review. Instead of going to the bank I can do a lot of business and monitoring of my assets from my comfortable house. They’ve got a great level of simplicity and the best customer service. You can access help from a live person right from the app! If only the app could let you cash out money and it would magically have the paper appear in your pocket….