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So I thoroughly love and solicitation this application please get it’s AMAZING and AWESOME AWESOME”Hi I am a center school young lady I have played these games since I was 7 I despite everything play them I have a couple of thoughts for the application. I concur with Cute466 there ought to be more stores. I might want to see a pet store I figure it would be cool. I additionally might want to see more study halls. The two homerooms are difficult to work with and I might want to see something progressively fun in the new house lawn not only a wellspring and a barbecue I mean what is up with that I love your folks games they are fun and energizing to play I have a wild creative mind money earned apps

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If it’s not too much trouble make more games like a cinema. Gracious and possibly include feelings so then as opposed to grinning the entire day and night they can be furious or pitiful or astounded or chuckling or frightened and substantially more. That would be truly energizing to see and I might likewise want to see an entertainment mecca or a water park possibly a pool or a sea shore you don’t need to do these thoughts however PLEASE do the pet store one I am a creature darling. Possibly you could likewise include a toy store would be fun too.Thanks By, middleschoolanimallover money earn apps


P.s. I figure u ought to do just about one of everybody’s thoughts they all are excellent and I figure it would support up populace with your games please acknowledge my offer.I truly might want to see a pet store with outfits for all the creatures, vet and custodian in another region, and pony classes horse care and considerably more PLEASE get this going on the off chance that you do you would make me the most joyful young lady in the world!#AnimalLover” 

These string of games are so astounding! Everybody demands more things and obviously that would be astonishing. Nobody truly gives you all acknowledgment for refreshing little stuff however I think you folks are really giving a valiant effort to make this game incredible and satisfy everybody simultaneously. You’re just doing as much as possible without a moment’s delay. We’ve truly progressed significantly from the earliest starting point. Much obliged to you for what you’ve done well now, you all ought to get a break from time to time. Much obliged to you such a great amount for these astonishing games and keeping it refreshed!! 


“Hello there I love this application it is so worth the cash! I love the amazing way you complete things in and of applications. I additionally love all the things you can do, yet I do have a few recommendations. Interestingly, there ought to be more applications. Here are the names, . My Play home Wedding .My Play home bread kitchen . My Play home hair salon . My Play home childcare earn talk time app