The ultimate checklist for your app to get ranked

So you’ve developed an app and are thinking of launching it in the market. As we all know, app stores are a huge platform with high competition; to stand out in the crowd, you always need to be creative and out of the box. So, we’ve put together a small checklist for your app before launching your app in the market:


For those, who are new to the concept, an app store optimization is a marketing tool that is used highly by app marketers for optimizing the app while launching in the market. It basically includes marketing strategies and techniques, which increases the app’s visibility and conversion rate. It likes the most crucial step while launching the app. Without aso, even with a winning concept app, your app might get lost in other 5 million apps in the market.

App store optimization

So, here are a few tips for you for more increase app store optimization:

  1. Try to get more organic discovery :

Getting organic discovery might be a little hard for a newly launched app, but with creative paid campaigns and user acquisition techniques, you can surely increase your organic discovery.

In simple terms, organic discovery and downloads are important metrics for app marketers for understanding their app’s aso performance.

  1. Proper keyword research and analysis:

Keyword optimization is the key factor and most influential factor in best app store optimization. Before selecting your best keyword, proper research, and analysis of keywords allow you to give more optimized keywords for your app.

Constantly updating your keywords according to trends also means to increase app store optimization.

3.On-page optimization:

The metadata factors of aso, like the app’s icon, screenshots, and description, play a huge role in conversion optimization. With eye-catchy screenshots and creative icons, you can catch the customer’s attention who visits your app page. This is equally important with using keywords in the description because of its an important ranking factor in both app stores.

4.Increase app store optimization with good app preview video:

Most of the users decide to download your app by looking at the app’s preview. It helps in communicating your app’s features, user interface, functionality with users. 

Try to get a good app preview video.

5.Understand your competitors:

Understanding who your competitors are essential for any successful business. Keeping track of your competitor’s strategy and steps, and trying to get ahead of them is crucial. Having a good competitor analysis tool is the best approach for this.


You can increase app store optimization only if you know how to work with app store algorithms. Understanding how each algorithm works and coming up with creative solutions for aso, increase app store optimization. 

Being consistent and patient with the process is a crucial task.