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However, I do wish that the amount needed to redeem was stated below the gift card rather than having to press on it to find out. But this is just me nitpicking, this truly doesn’t take away from the experience. If you need an invite code feel free to use any of the ones below: So far, after having this about for around one month, I’ve racked up so many points! I can almost redeem for money and this buy ios reviews doesn’t take almost any time out of your day like survey apps or inbox emails do. It’s very basic; you get notified if there’s a question, you answer it, and get points.

Seriously, that’s it. There’s about a ~12 hour time limit you have on answering it, but that is more than enough! However, in order to access this app, you either need a referral code or to DM/contact the company, which was a bit tedious to locate or receive. If you would like to join, here are three codes you can try(it’s really worth it!): ZEBRA6252275 , ZEBRA5609456 , ZEBRA4842804 . Once you join, you won’t regret it.

My only issue is that there’s only one or two questions a day, but I can see that it is in order to limit point intake. The interface is simple, yet limited. I wish I could change my profile picture to me instead of an emoji, but that is not the main purpose behind the app. It does exactly what is says and I have not had any bugs or issues yet! Thank you Zebra!

“Great app,EMI and other features make it at par with online website. Keep improving.

I am using it here sitting in US and I can tell you, it’s better than anything here. Keep up the great work guys. Some feedback:

1. Arrange car manufacturers in alphabetical order

2. Add bank offers within the UI for EMI basis different interest rates. Either build it or use bank bazaar etc API for this. This will give a big boost to your platform especially from a user acquisition standpoint.”

“This is a fantastic buy android app reviews, if you have ever invested or are potentially going to invest in a car in Indian Market. I use it, pretty much as a bible of sorts. From news to comparisons to detailed explanation of a particular model/variant of any car. 

Love to compare two cars side by side within the app, I refer to the app regularly for myself and for friends/acquaintances who ask me for advice on what car to buy. The on-road price prediction with detailed break-up based on the region selected is spot on.

I highly recommend this app to anyone who likes cars in general, has bought or wants to buy one, used or new. One thing I highly recommend the app makers is to add a comments section under each car / category so a community of like minded people for a particular model can be formed. It would really help people, especially from those who have actually had a hands on experience with that model / car..”