Tracking app’s ASO performance based:

While ASO is one of the essential things in app development and marketing these days. Understanding its performance is also crucial.

ASO is a constant evolution process, and you need to be up to date always with your competitors and new engaging trends and techniques for success.

Keeping an eye on data analytics can ultimately make you understand where your app is going right and where you need to improve.

How to analyze aso performance based (API’S):

  • The critical factor while analyzing your app’s aso performance based is the app’s visibility. This can be seen in organic downloads and impressions. At the same time, when you are optimizing the app’s profile; if you have a big difference in the number of downloads before and after optimization, it can be considered a success.
  • While working with the efficiency of the app, CRO (conversion rate optimization) is another important KPI. If the conversion rate improved drastically when you have a new improvement in-app compared to last week, it could be considered a positive step.

With a good conversion rate, it ultimately helps your app in visibility and increases app listing abilities, which indirectly leads to more organic downloads.

  • Developing an app audit: majority of app developers often audit their app; it helps them define how well their app is currently doing and what they need to do in order to improve.

The main goal of audit should be showing the possibilities and areas where the mainly needs optimization.

This is main reason how top app developers always stand in the first while    you barely have any organic downloads.

Tips to improve ASO performance of app:

  • One of the leading ASO expert and business development professionals, Ryan Kelley, says it’s important to understand your users.

He says if you’re not a user who spends hours while playing games and try to publish games, it just doesn’t work out. As a developer, you need to understand the user and think like him. It would be best if you learned what user searches for, features he needs, the terms he uses etc.

  • Reviews and ratings are like communication with users.

Take reviews from users and reply to every review, which makes you understand where your app needs an update and what users are looking for in future releases.

This will hugely help you in the development of the app and is considered as a social sign in google algorithm, giving you a good weightage in store listing.

  • Monitoring app’s visibility score is important:

To quickly check if an app is gaining or losing its users, check the visibility score graph to monitor your aso performance based. Within a period, check the visibility score in the keyword monitoring section, compare it to your competitor’s score, and, importantly, identify the keywords you gained or lost.


App store optimization is a continuous process and ever-evolving. It’s all about making changes and measuring the results. Improvement in the app store optimization performance of an app is not an immediate process but takes time. The longer you work, you get better results.

Knowing how to optimize your app’s visibility, app stores, devices, languages, etc., will ultimately lead to better performance and makes your app stand out.