Did You Know That “Rhythm” Is The Longest English Word Without A Vowel?


The fact given above is a fact contained in general knowledge booklets. You definitely know what general knowledge is! If you are unaware of the meaning, general knowledge is a very simple word to understand which means having a bit of knowledge about everything, but not the intrinsic details of it. Facts like what is the tallest peak in the word, which point in the sea is the deepest, what are the capital cities of different countries, what currencies do they use, and what languages they speak, and much more – falls under the category of general knowledge – abbreviated as simple gk questions.

Why learn GK? 

Knowing GK is important because it lets us know so many facts that would otherwise have remained obscure. Also, knowing GK helps because it is asked in quizzes. You cannot find a single quiz competition that did not ask a GK question. Any GK question is formulated with the idea in mind – that people enjoy learning new facts. It cannot be a surprise that many variations of the same GK question can be asked like, let’s say, about the culture of cricket in India. You can never know everything, like the highest score by any batsman in any form of cricket keeps changing all the time. You cannot cite an answer that is years old to any GK question, because they are updated according to new findings and discoveries. Although some facts on which a GK question is asked remain constant, staying updated with the latest never hurts. Once you get the grip of it, it’s fun! 

How can one do it? 

There are loads of books that promise the best 50 gk questions and answers in it, or that they are updated with the latest news that is relevant to GK. However, they suffer from major problems like:

  • Outdated in a small lifespan: Since we live in a world where events are constantly taking place, a book that promises the best GK questions in it will get outdated in a month or two.
  • Knowledge depends on the size: This is a fact! With the evolution of company marketing strategies, many companies that publish GK question books have diversified those books into several different versions like pocket version, full version, etc. One cannot derive the benefits when knowledge has been compartmentalized.

But there is a way out too! In a world where nearly everything is being done online, it makes sense that even the best compilation of any kind of GK question is going to be available online. There are no provisions of compartmentalizations either because there is no physical copy. The benefits of learning GK online are:

  • You can access it from anywhere if you have an internet connection.
  • You can share a new fact with your friends using the sharing options.
  • You can access a plethora of GK questions based on any topic.
  • It becomes easier for you to start conversations and hold them, even with strangers!


Thus, with an online app in your pocket, you have a world of GK questions at your fingertips. When someone quotes you a random GK fact the next time, you can surely counter him with a more interesting one!