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Let her have random mood swings! You could be doing tasks perfectly, but she suddenly gets angry for no reason; that would be terrifying! I highly recommend this online earning apps to anyone who’s tried everything expect for a sadistic robot.”

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“What a great and fun app. Interesting way to help motivate you to be more productive. I’m not at all tempted to just write stuff down to see what Carrot gives me, but I actually use it for its intended purpose… because it really is very helpful to see the list of things that need getting done, even if I probably don’t need to. This is my favorite to-do app, and I’ve used a few of them. The following is regarding the use of this app with VoiceOver–Apple’s built-in screen reader for someone who is blind– which may not be applicable to sighted users, but I hope it will help the developers.

At the time of this writing, I’m only on level three, so I don’t think I’ve unlocked all of the app’s features yet; I woll update the review once I’ve used it more. So far, what I know is that VoiceOver reads all of the buttons on the screen… except when you double tap on the meu button, it doesn’t do anything; I’m not sure if that’s because I haven’t unlocked the rest of the features. ?? Since I can’t see the screen, I don’t know if there’s a visual lock icon. But if there is, perhaps adding a VoiceOver hint–like “”Locked””–might be useful.

I’ve earned the honor–hee hee–of being able to rearrange tasks, which is nice. I like that when you double tap and hold, it makes a noise; it will do the same upon release. But you don’t know where the task has been moved to earn money app download. I know that if I double tap, hold, then drag up, I’ve moved a task before something, but until I have released, then moved around the screen, I don’t know where that task landed. I think it would be really helpful if VoiceOver could say, for example: “”Moved below …”” followed by whatever task. Otherwise, moving a task to get it exactly where you want it, using VoiceOver, takes some trial and error.

But as I said, great app. I don’t regret the purchase at all and hope the developers continue to update it. (I also own Carrot Weather for iOS, which is fully accessible with VoiceOver.).”

This b**** of a robot is really good at helping me get more done everyday! Some of the best features require you to level up a few times.. But that’s not too hard to accomplish. (You could cheat, but I mostly didn’t.) The only change I’d like to see would be the addition of a complication for Apple Watch. Honestly confused why there isn’t one since there are for most of the other Carrot apps. Maybe I have to level up more?  “I currently have three of the Carrot apps.