B612 beauty camera and filter app is the best choice for you if you are looking for an outstanding B612 filter camera! In the B612 beauty camera & filter, there are all kinds of face filters like cat ears, dog ears, and so on. You can also make a boomerang and personal meme in the B612.  


  1. All kinds of stickers and Photo filters for pictures!

– You can always find the live sticker you like! We update live stickers and Photo filters very often. In B612, you can find animal face filters, for example, cute cat face filters. Get cat ears and dog ears in your Photo!

  1. Less storage!

– B612 is the beauty camera and filter version of B612. It occupies less storage but has the same functions!

  1. Boomerang function!

– Want to make a boomerang? Open B612! Easy to make a boomerang with simple taps! No need to download apps in which you only can make a boomerang. Upload your boomerang to Instagram!- B612 App  is a powerful photo editor! You can smooth your skin, enlarge your eyes, slim your face, and so on! Use a photo editor to make your Photo flawless.

B612 beauty camera & filter is the popular beauty camera and photo editor app with chat face filters, cute face stickers, and abundant memes that animate your face in real-time and take beautiful photos for you!

With a B612 beauty camera, a beauty Photo has never been easier. The B612 beauty camera has many stunning functions such as live Photo filters, real-time face stickers, and a powerful Photo editor to wow your friends!

Tips to take Photos:

– Capture a good angle of your face and use the B612 beauty camera edit functions to enhance it.

– Show off something new with a daily updated shiny live sticker.

– Pay attention to the good light conditions when you take Photos. Better light, better photos.

– Don’t forget to edit your photo with the photo filter.

– Experiment with photo filters, not every filter is right for every Photo, so play around with different options before settling on the best one.