I would recommend this product to anyone who travels for their work. Downfall, customer service takes awhile to respond but they do correct the issue that you may be having.” “We started using the app, as a company, a little over 2 years ago. It has been a great tool. I can quickly find current and new customers wherever I am. 

If I have an appointment that falls through… no problem app store optimisation services, I just pull up the app, look to see who is nearby and boom! This should be in the tool pouch of any serious salesperson. I have been doing business to business sales since February 2011. This is BY FAR the best sales tool I have.“

App Store Optimization: Best Mobile ASO Service | Infozium

“Overall I find MMC to be very easy to use, with a great return. I have not explored all of the features yet, (such as creating campaigns), however based on my experience already I know it will be simple. 

One of my favourite things about the software is the responsiveness of the chat help. I have used more expensive programs in the past, yet this seems to be easier to get a hold of for me. Would recommend it!!

The only downside one might run into is that it does not give you step by step directions to fully print out. It is to be used in conjunction with Google maps/WAZE/ etc. I don’t care about that feature, but someone might”

Map my customer has allowed me to efficiently travel my territory at ease.  Since I started using this app I have not forgotten to stop by any of my accounts allowing me to turn my territory more efficiently saving me lots of money.    If you are in the fence about using map my customer, let me convince you to give it a try and once you get your clients set up in the system and use it you will be glad you did.  This app literally saves me hours per month on planning out who I’m going to see and where I’m going to go.   I just get in my car on Monday mornings and go.

Map My Customers has allowed me to take efficiency to the next level.  I am able to take “scattered information” from excel sheets and turn them into visible plots on a map of my territory.  It allows you to be a more regular presence with your customers and prospects.  Wherever you’re at you know who you’re close to app store optimization company and can go call on.  The route function is handy too when you want to filter on a certain type of customer and find the quickest route to begin calling on them.  This app has taken away what used to be very time consuming, in regard to figuring out where all the clients and prospects were, and replaced it with quick information that is visible as soon as it is loaded.  Hands down a must have for any traveling sales rep!